Structural Drying in Melbourne

Looking for a professional structural drying services provider in Melbourne? We can help. If your home or office been affected by floods or any other type of water damage, it is essential to deal with the moisture bound in the structure. Taking swift action will help avoid structural damage and mould and bacteria outbreaks.

Melbourne Carpet Drying’s emergency services will help you completely restore the affected areas and avoid costly repairs or reconstruction.

Ignoring structural drying can lead to expensive cleaning bills, reconstruction, and severe health issues. The key to advanced structural drying is a careful understanding of the building, construction techniques, materials and equipment. When water gets absorbed by the materials of brick-and-mortar construction, it becomes extremely difficult to extract the water.

The process needs expert knowledge and specialised tools and equipment. You might mistakenly think air movement alone is enough to dry a structure. The truth is that air movement is effective only in the initial stages of evaporating water. When wet air dwells in the structure for a long time, it will be reabsorbed back into non-affected parts. When there is standing water, structural drying alone is effective. Using proper equipment and drying techniques alone can help you avoid secondary damage.

Advanced Structural Drying Process We Follow

The drying process focuses on water-damaged areas treatment to bring them back to their original condition. The process might take a long duration as we need to thoroughly dry the carpet area, sub-floors and surrounding areas. Here is every step of the drying process for your understanding:

Damage assessment

Our team thoroughly inspects the area and assesses the damage to come up with an effective action plan. They take control of the area to limit any further damage. You will get an estimated quote and timeline for the restoration process to make alternate arrangements during the drying process.

Water extraction

We will start with water extraction after getting your approval. We might use submersible pumps or industrial-strength wet and dry vacuums, depending on the water remaining on your property. This will help in reducing the time required for content and structural drying. You will be able to prevent secondary water damage and mould growth.


Most building materials are porous and will retain lots of water. If you do not take immediate action, the water remaining in these materials will break them down and cause mould growth.

Walls and floors might seem dry, but they will still be wet when you touch them. We use specialised equipment such as industrial dehumidifiers and air movers to remove hard-to-access moisture and the water retained by the building material. Moisture metres will monitor the progress until the dampness returns to acceptable levels.

Cleaning and sanitisation

The affected area needs professional cleaning to make the walls, floors, ceilings, and other surfaces look better. You might need to get your belongings cleaned, like furniture, upholstery and other personal items that were damaged by the water. Dam materials leave an unpleasant and noticeable order, which needs deodorisation or odour removal treatment.


Restoring your home and its components to pre-damage condition is the final step in the process. Reconstruction of various areas, minor repairs, installing your carpet and replacing drywall might be necessary.

Why You Need Structural Drying Specialist?

After an incident involving water, it is recommended to choose professionals to save the damaged portions and perform extensive restoration and replacement. Here are the several benefits of hiring professionals for the job:

Professionals bring expertise

There are different types of water damage, each requiring a different drying methodology. There is also clear water and grey water and the risk of waterborne bacteria and diseases. As professionals working in this industry, we know that water damage is progressive and not all stages are created at the same time. An amateur will employ methods that do not address the underlying issue; sometimes, it can even worsen things. Choose our experts to save as much of your property as possible.

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    Rapid drying saves money

    Every site is thoroughly inspected, and different equipment is used based on the nature of the site. We bring in all the equipment required to effectively complete the job. Extraction equipment is used to remove water rapidly. Dehumidifiers and high-velocity fans are used to dry water soaked up in the structure. We carefully control the temperature to ensure that the equipment performs at its peak. This is critically important when we have to dry hardwood floors. Professional structural drying will help prevent permanent structural damage and mould growth.


    Your insurance company may try to find reasons to steeply and negatively adjust your claim. You might have paid them every single month for a decade, but they may still try to keep their money when you file a claim. The advanced structural drying process involves the best methods and careful documentation with every step. You will have a greater chance of having a very firm open and closed claim instead of having it drag on and costing you even more.

    Equipment We Use

    Here are a few common pieces of equipment that we use:

    • Air Movers
    • Dehumidifiers
    • Mat/Floor dryers
    • Heat Furnaces
    • Air scrubbers

    Why Choose Us for Advanced Structural Drying in Melbourne?

    Our water damage repair technicians are highly trained and certified. Melbourne Carpet Drying ensures that your structure is dried as quickly as possible. We follow a comprehensive approach to restorative drying. We work to minimise the replacement cost of the structure and its content. Our drying tools and techniques are equipped to dry the structure faster while reducing downtime and inconvenience.

    You can call us on 0413 391 780, 03 9568 320503 9483 41820430 386 258 or write to to hire Melbourne Carpet Drying for structure drying services in Melbourne.

    The first step is to ensure everyone’s safety and call a professional flood restoration service like Melbourne Carpet Drying for immediate assistance.
    Yes, timely flood restoration services can help prevent mould growth by effectively drying all areas.

    Failure to properly dry water-damaged areas can lead to mould growth, structural damage, and increased health risks.