5 Signs Your Carpet Needs to be Replaced

Plenty of routine vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning can keep most carpets in top shape for many years, but there are times when all the cleaning just won’t do. Here are five signs that your carpet will need to be replaced:

Foul Odours

If you’ve got pets that have eliminated on the carpet or have experienced spills that haven’t been cleaned up in a short enough time, chances are that you’ll have an unpleasant odour coming from the carpet. If not immediately, then certainly later on. Naturally, some foul odours are worse than others, and likewise, some can be more difficult to eliminate than others.

To treat many odours, try leaving a bowl of white vinegar and air out the room thoroughly with fans and open windows overnight. This will be able to remove a surprising amount of odours at the source, but quite often it won’t do at all, either. If you’ve tried this strategy and it still won’t treat the odour, look to have your carpet replaced.

Old, Unattractive Carpet Style

Naturally, some carpet styles much like other decorative elements around the home may go out of style. Shaggy carpets that were in vogue a half-century ago can be hard to fit into a modern home’s theme, and there’s really no way of modernising your look without tearing up that old rug.

Consider that most people look from down to up when entering a room, so the first thing they’ll see is your carpet. Like having good quality shoes, having a nice, modern carpet to greet guests and family can make all the difference.


Many Australians suffer from allergies, whether seasonal or perennial. If allergies persist whilst at home, it is a good indicator that dust or bacteria are growing somewhere in the home. Carpets unfortunately attract a large amount of both dust and bacteria, which can accumulate over days and weeks. Regular vacuum cleaning can help, but if you or your family still suffers from allergies after thoroughly treating the carpet and vacuuming it, consider having it replaced since the bacteria may have begun to fester and grow deep in the carpet and thus cannot be removed with cleaning products or cleaning.

Signs of Mould

As with dust and bacteria, mould is a noxious substance that can grow and thrive in humid environments. Even in more temperate climates in Australia, the moisture brought in from after a storm can be sufficient to stimulate the growth of mould in carpets. Mould can be treated if it is only beginning to grow provided that it isn’t too deep in the carpet, but should it be allowed to grow there you’ll need to have it replaced. Mould can exacerbate existing respiratory problems such as asthma, but they can also damage the lungs of people in the home over prolonged periods as well.

Water Damage

One of the most common reasons that carpets need to be replaced is after suffering water damage. Floods and backing up of water in the home can lead to serious damage, particularly if allowed to remain for a day or more. If you’ve come home after a long day to find your carpet has sustained water damage, chances are quite high that sections or the entirety of the carpet will need to be replaced.

Not Sure Whether Your Carpet Needs Replacement? Contact Floodcare

Dealing with water damage is not an ideal DIY project. Instead, contact a water damage specialist such as Floodcare immediately after discovering the damaged carpet. Depending on your circumstances, our experts may determine that your carpet may need treatment or replacement, which can be far more affordable when dealt with properly. Contact us today.