Does Water Damaged Carpet Need to be Replaced?

If you’ve ever experienced water damage to a carpet, you’ll know that it can be a hassle to deal with. Many frustrated homeowners may assume that the only solution is to rip out all of the carpet at once and to replace entirely with new carpet.

Not only is this solution more costly, but it’s wasteful and creates more labour than simply dealing with the water damage at its source. Under most circumstances, a water-damaged carpet does not need to be replaced.

Here are a few tips for dealing with water damage to your carpet.

Things to Consider Before Drying the Carpet

First and foremost, the earlier you deal with the problem, the less you expose the carpet to being damaged beyond repair. Furthermore, ignoring or delaying treatment will lead to an accumulation of mould within the carpet, which can be noxious to your health and difficult to deal with.

Next, you’ll want to evaluate the source and extent of the damage. Grey or black-ish water can cause bacteria to spread; clean water can become non-potable and cause damage as well if left untreated. How much damage was caused? If the entire carpeted area was soaked under water, it’s possible that the damage may also run deep into the backing or to the floor.

Preparing to Deal with a Wet Carpet

If you’ve still got a water leak that’s affecting your carpet, your first task is to shut off the water supply to mitigate further damage to the carpet. This will allow you to isolate the carpet damage and treat it effectively.

Small bits and bobs on the carpet should be collected and dried individually if possible. Cardboard or paper should be properly disposed of. Likewise, furniture should be removed from the carpeted area and dried in a separate location.

Lastly, you’ll want to minimise any foot traffic going over the carpet. Footsteps may leave behind bacteria or exacerbate the damage done to the carpet, so be sure to keep pets and housemates off of the carpet until it’s been properly treated.

How to Dry a Wet Carpet

  • You’ll need access to a good quality pump to remove the bulk of the water trapped in the carpet. If you don’t own one, consider renting one from an equipment rental company. Vacuum cleaners can then be used for the remaining excess water, but be sure to use a shop vac as these vacuum cleaners are adapted to water removal.

  • Next, carefully remove the wet carpet from the floor, starting along the walls and removing slowly and carefully because wet carpeting can be fragile. You’ll notice that your carpet is lying on padding, which can be made of various materials, all of which are susceptible to water damage. Remove the damaged padding and dispose of it; it’s typically far cheaper to purchase new padding than to dry out and reuse already compromised carpet padding.
  • The exposed floor should be then dried and then sanitised with the proper chemical solution. Carpet padding usually comes in rolls, and because it’s not too expensive you can feel free to cut out strips matching the dimensions of the removed areas. Reapply the new carpet padding after you’ve properly dealt with the contact points on the floor.

  • You’ll then need to ensure that the tack strips are in good enough condition to be reapplied to the carpet along the base of the walls. Replace any that have been damaged or are unusable.

  • Be sure to give your carpet a good scrub after repairing the base. Be sure to use specialised shampoo products that fight against bacteria buildups and mould. Leave to dry for up to eight hours and your carpet should be looking brand new.

Hire a Professional Water Damage Expert

Removing carpet padding and properly dealing with water damage to your carpet can be a laborious and difficult task. If it’s done improperly, you may miss areas that can accumulate bacteria and mould and have to redo the job, later on, thus costing even more.

In summary, a water-damaged carpet does not need to be replaced. It may require extensive repairs, but in most cases, water damage can be addressed and is cheaper than ripping up your existing carpeting and replacing with brand new carpet.

Let a professional water damage expert handle the difficult job. At Melbourne Carpet Drying, our service ensures that your carpet will be restored back to its original condition. Our qualified carpeting experts are used to handling various types of carpeting and water damage, so we’ll always have the right solution for your needs.