Guide to Carpet Care for Allergies

Carpets can help your home or business feel more cosy and welcoming, but they’re also prone to accumulating mould, bacteria spores, and dust mites which can exacerbate allergies or contribute to asthma attacks. Regular cleaning helps to remove many of these, but carpets unfortunately attract mould and bacteria growth deep in the roots and require routine deep cleaning to reduce allergens and promote healthier breathing.

Melbourne Carpet Drying provides quality allergy control services in greater Melbourne, so be sure to give us a call if you’d like to have your carpets deep cleaned. We use Total Hygiene DM1, which is 99% effective in reducing allergens caused by mould, bacteria, fungal spores, and dust mite colonies. It’s safe, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and does not irritate.

Here’s how you can keep your carpets under control for allergies and asthma.

Professional Deep Cleaning

All the routine cleaning that you do will help to keep allergens under control, but it won’t remove deep buildup of mould and bacteria that carpets tend to attract deeper at the base. It’s possible to shampoo and deep clean your carpets yourself, but you’ll need to have the expertise and equipment on hand in order to remove allergens at their source.

Hiring a professional deep cleaning service such as Melbourne Carpet Drying in Melbourne to have your carpets cleaned routinely can yield immediate and positive results. Whether it’s a residential or commercial carpet, we’re accustomed to all sorts of carpets and have the knowledge and products necessary for your carpet’s specific needs.

Vacuum Well and Often

Everyday residential vacuum cleaners may not be sufficient for controlling the buildup of allergens deeper within your carpet. Use vacuums equipped with a HEPA filter to remove finer, microscopic allergens that regular vacuum cleaners just can’t pick up.

HEPA filtration is available in a wide range of categories, with some being ideal for removing pet hair and dander and others specialising in allergy control. Choose the highest level of filtration appropriate to your needs and vacuum frequently to keep superficial layers of allergen buildups under control.

Use Carpet Treatment

No matter how well or how frequently you vacuum, many allergens embed themselves deep in the carpet and cannot be removed without specialised chemical products designed to treat carpet allergens and bacteria deeper down. Sprays and powders are available that are ideal for neutralising dust mites and other allergens at the source, but caution should always be used as these products can be dangerous if touched or inhaled. Provide proper ventilation and always use the recommended personal protective equipment and apply the product as intended for best results.

Pet Allergens

Dander, dead skin flakes, and pet urine contribute to allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and foul odours. Many people with pet allergies, especially where it is paired with asthma, are highly sensitive to pet dander.

Unfortunately, simply tidying up and removing pet hairs does not neutralise the problem. Pet allergies are triggered by the saliva from cats and dogs which can take weeks and even months to decay, and these are invisible and can embed themselves deep in carpets long after the attached hairs have been vacuumed up.

Clean your animals regularly and keep shed hairs tidy, but also be prepared to use more anti-allergen carpet shampoos and cleaning products to remove all the visible and invisible leftovers from your pets.

Remove Carpets

A drastic change, but one worth considering if your health is deteriorating as a result of your carpets. Residential carpets can be kept under control with regular cleaning and vacuuming in conjunction with professional deep cleaning, but if your allergies or asthma attacks are triggering more often then you may wish to consider removing carpets altogether.

To learn more or book in a time for your next carpet deep clean, contact the team at Melbourne Carpet Drying today. If your carpets are water-damaged or flooded, our emergency crew is avaialable 24/7 all around Melbourne.