Water Damage Carpet Drying and Flood Restoration in Toorak

With all of the joys of owning a little four-legged friend come great responsibilities, as well. Dogs, for instance, need to be brushed frequently (depending on breed) to keep their coats of fur lush and infection-free, plenty of human interaction and mental stimulation to stave off biting, chewing, and other naughty habits, and potty training so they don’t accidentally eliminate on your clean carpet.

Everyone can agree that pet urine needs to be removed from a carpet, not only due to the unsightly presence of the stain but also due to the nasty smell that persists. What will it take to remove pet urine from your carpet?

Dry the Carpet

If the urine is still fresh, dab it up immediately to soak up as much moisture as possible. The longer urine remains in the carpet, the more you risk having to replace the carpet altogether. Puppy and dog pee can be removed a few hours or even a day or two after it’s set, but of course the sooner the better. Cat pee can be notoriously difficult to remove, so act immediately if your furry feline eliminates on your carpet.

Apply Vinegar

White vinegar has long been known to disinfect surfaces, including carpets, so go ahead and combine a solution of one parts vinegar to one part water and spray it at the area affected by the urine (and a little around the edges, too). Give the vinegar a few moments to do its work and scrub it in with a rigid bristled brush to work the solution deeper into the carpet piling.

Mix in Baking Soda

Whilst the vinegar will disinfect the urine at its source, the smell can linger unless you apply some good old baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda evenly over the stain and give it up to a full day to really do its work. On its own, baking soda won’t necessarily create a ‘good’ smell, but instead it will neutralise the foul odour from pet urine. After waiting a day, vacuum up the baking soda and apply some essential oils to leave a pleasant odour.

For added effect, you may also wish to mix a little dish soap with hydrogen peroxide and pour it directly over the stain whilst scrubbing the solution deep into the carpet.

Call in the Professionals

The above steps are pretty simple and cost-effective for just about any homeowner. The great thing is that for most dog pee problems, they’ll get the job done just fine. The bad news is that lingering odours and most cat pee can’t be eliminated so easily. If vinegar and baking soda won’t do the trick, chances are most heavy-duty carpet cleaning chemical products won’t do much either, at least long-term.

Instead, call in a professional carpet restoration company if you’ve got a lingering odour in your carpet. Whether the carpet can be cleaned or will need to be replaced depends on the scale and scope of the damage, so don’t delay and get in touch with a carpet restoration company to best protect your carpet.


As Melbourne’s go-to for water-damaged carpet and carpet cleaning services, Floodcare will get your carpets back to a healthy, comfortable state without the foul odour of pet urine left behind. Get in touch with us today and enquire about our services.